Monday, 27 February 2012

Awards and caramel corn

Busy busy busy. That pretty much summed up my whole week. So busy I've been wearing my nails au naturale for the whole week (eek!). Soooo, I've decided that I'm gonna try my best to catch up with backdated posts and make sure I do an update every few days even if it's just sharing a random picture I find online

That said, the lovely I Bleed Polish has given me two awards (thanks love! and sorry I took so long). I feel so honoured because I'm such a newbie at blogging and such surprises give me additional motivation to keep on blogging, don't stop blogging... I'm so random haha. That's Y&T if anyone didn't know that already.

Anyway, the first is:

The rules are: 
1. Link back to the person you got it from 
2. Tell seven things about yourself
3. Give the award to ten bloggers

7 Things about myself (non-polish related):
- My favourite colors are aqua, blue and black. 
- I'm skinny as a rake. Been trying to put on some weight for close to eight years which might not sound like a problem to you guys but I'm too skinny for my own good. I've had random strangers give me money and tell me to buy food. It's beyond embarrassing. :/
- I'd rather bake than cook. There is no such thing as too much desserts :) 
- I have a thing about dirt, which makes working in the lab great because I'm in gloves half the time. 
- My fingers and wrists are too small to wear most production-sized rings and bracelets so I have resorted to making my own. Will post pictures of some for you guys to have a look soon 
- I love korean food (I'm not korean). I could eat kimchi and korean bbq meat everyday mmmm.. 
- I have a weakness for shoes, especially the weirder looking ones.

And I tag:

The second is:

The rules are: 
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Answer the following questions
3. Award to other bloggers and let them know

The questions: 
1. What's your favourite song? 
I have too many favourites to pick just one. An all-time favourite would have to be I'll Be by Edwin McCain. But at the moment, I have Untitled by Mumford and Sons on replay. Love Mumford and Sons, please please please come to Melbourne!! 

2. What's your favourite dessert? 
Froyo, gelato, anything coffee flavoured! 

3. What's your favourite pet? 
Don't have one but I would want a corgi, siberian husky or a hedgehog.

4. Black or White?
Black most definitely. 

5. What's your biggest fear? 
A Zombie apocalypse. I kid, I hate needles and heights and if I were to have a biggest fear it would be the people I love leaving me. 

6. What's your best feature?
My.. hair? 

7. What's your everyday attitude? 
'When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.' A cliche quote I know, but I try to get one step closer to fulfilling my dreams each day. And if you haven't already seen this
 video, watch it. It's good stuff.   

8. What is perfection?
Travelling the world with someone I love and not having to care about time or money.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

And I tag everyone in the previous award! Btw, who likes salted caramel corn? Cos I do! Made some over the weekend. Try some if you haven't already, it's mega yums!  

♥ Salted Caramel Corn 

Love you all!


  1. Thanks for passing these on to me! Hopefully I'll be able to get around to completing these two some time after my last exam! :)

    1. np :) all the best for exams!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tag and the lovely comment hon. Most bracelets can't fit me either. My wrists are too small.

    1. you're welcome love :) I know, small wrists can be such a pain! on the other hand, money saved from bracelets can go towards other things. Like nail polish ;)

  3. "I'm skinny as a rake........"

    but u r gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Congrats on all of your awards but... um... SURPRISE!!! I'm giving you another one! Love your blog! I gave you the versatile blogger award =) see my page to get the rules and such! Keep up the good work!

    1. omg thanks I'm so touched! I'll get down to it as soon as I find time! :) btw for some strange reason I can't access your profile. let me know what your blog address is if you see this!

  5. thankyou jun!
    i've been awol for awhile! but i'm finally back! thank you for reading my blog! i've missed yours as well!

    1. nawww im glad you're back! you have been missed :))